The Pilates method, and flow isolation.

Two basic principles of body movement, but complementary opposites, giving the body its immense gestural palette of the finest motor skills up to the strength and agility: the mobilization and stabilization of the joints.

The body is a neuro-musculo-skeletal: the first two qualifiers refer to muscle contraction and the control hand and the third to the complex and articulated skeleton of mobile, real structure to allow movement. No bones or joints, our gestures seem to be shaking of the gel.

A measure of accuracy such as writing or painting must be viewed in three dimensions. Apparently the move only one body part (in this example: the hand). But in reality, is the coordination of all of this together: the body is active, support from the ground to the other end on the move. Although some parties do not seem to move, have a vital role supporting the movement of the other parties. It is the golfer who makes the last few strokes on the green with a large part of his body stuck to the ground without any stiffness.

A body is prepared which has developed into a perfect match with the needs of the shares to make a high capacity to control its deformation (mobility) and to resist deformation (stabilization). And that relates particularly to the spine, the central piece of the skeleton that includes so many chances and then joints.

The Pilates method integrates the two essential principles that are in each year: the fluidity of movement-exercises are always in motion and not in the yoga postures as such-and-joint isolation without losing the holistic approximation as we can emphasize the mobility of a single joint or more when the rest of the body is actively stabilized, maintaining a true relationship with all parties.

In the Pilates technique, parts of the body that are not moving in space have both, but more consideration than those that move. The strength and originality of the method is, among other things, have designed a large series of exercises that focus simultaneously or successively these two principles, forcing them to reorganize each time our body in all dimensions that we have seen above. Her project is literally building a harmonious body, developing their balance, their conscience, the excellence of their coordination, their adaptability, flexibility and strength. That's why a truly comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, the operation step by step and very aware of these exercises allow the economy of learning the gesture by the many repetitions, the method avoids the stress of the joints are consistent and reveal much more safe and effective. In the end, a perfect education of the body, from the gestures of everyday life to the most complex and demanding of an artist or athlete of high level.

Autor: Hervé Baunard Lic. en Educación Física, Certificado Instructor Trainer Pilates