The basic principles of Pilates.

Basic principles.

- work from inside to outside
- Always keep your mind totally focused on the objective of the exercises while doing

For the concentration of a target should be raised :

- learn to breathe properly, then take the air from the nose and the mouth is released, expanding the ribs sideways on inspiration and closing during exhalation
- breathing motion is an integral part in the movement (part)
- is a kind of lateral breathing

The core or center box = internal connection of the belt = center of balance between the internal drive enclosure
Xifoides of the sternum to the pubis and comprises: the transverse abdominal muscle, diaphragm, pelvic floor and deep muscles of the spine: multiphase and others.

From the center limb movements do

Control :
control with no risk of injury
- movement, efficient and accurate through my mind and heart
- I concentrate in the center and control
- There should not sudden movements, irregular or causal
- is the key to the quality movement

Precision :
- know everything about the movement
- economical: a few repetitions with high quality
- is not the structure of the financial year but the way of work that determines the outcome
- execute as perfectly as possible

Fluency :
- movement without beginning and without end
- coordinated movement, rhythmic, economic, related to respiration and heart

Stabilization :
- need to isolate what we want to work and give importance to the parties who do not want to move, keeping them relaxed and controlled.