What is Pilates?

The Pilates method is a very complete education body which works on the body as a whole, from the deepest muscles to more peripheral, and that involves both the mind and body.

How does the Pilates method?

This method is based on a safe exercise program very slow and controlled. Practiced with very specific machines or on the floor, under the supervision of a professional, individual tuition or in small groups. Wanted accuracy of exercises in a few repetitions. Breathing, concentration, control, alignment, concentration, fluency are the other key concepts of the method.

How we can help the Pilates method?

The aim is to achieve muscle balance, strengthening weak muscles and lengthen shortened muscles. This leads to increased monitoring, the power and flexibility of the body, respecting the joints and back.

The method is valid for those who are first introduced in physical activity, and for those who seek refinement of movement (such as high-level athletes or performing artists). This also includes all those who might suffer from back problems and seek a preventive activity (Pilates is completely integrated into rehabilitation programs in the U.S. and UK).

Origin and History of the Pilates method

In New York since the 20s until his death in 1967, Joseph Pilates developed the vast repertoire of movements of his method. Although the dancers were for a time the main interest in this method for its efficiency, J. Pilates began his work for ordinary people and as a technique of rehabilitation and conditioning.

Autor: Hervé Baunard Lic. en Educación Física, Certificado Instructor Trainer Pilates